✅FFXIV Blue Mage Leveling Guide: Level Up Fast & Efficiently (2023)


Final Fantasy 14’s Blue Mage class is a difficult task. This class is pushed aside from the rest, and it’s tough to level up using standard routes. You’ll be asked to fight basic enemies constantly, making normal dungeon crawls difficult.

Blue Mages learn spells by watching their opponents attack and copying them. It’s a lot harder to reach the max level now that Shadowbringers has been released… But if you have some friends and a little luck, it’s possible to get to level 60 in no time! Grab a friend at level 80 to read our FFXIV Blue Mage Leveling Guide:

✅FFXIV Blue Mage Leveling Guide: Level Up Fast & Efficiently (1)

FFXIV Blue Mage Leveling Guide: Steps To Level a Blue Mage:

The steps to level a Blue Mage character remain the same through the entire journey to level 70. Players should use a standard experience (XP) to increase items they may already have, such as the Brand-New Ring and Friendship Circlet. These items should be used for as long as they give the XP buff.

The leveling up process can be accelerated by killing mobs of a higher level than your character. Players will receive a Chain Bonus, which gives you more XP per kill. This is an optional step as players may be more comfortable with enemies of different levels.

Players should always keep their Chocobo with them. It can be set up in a healer or tank position. Once they feel confident enough, the player can alter their stance to attack. The Blue Mage quests should be completed until the player is required to learn a particular spell or advance in Carnivale.

Players can forego the Carnivale and instead go through the open-world spells in increasing order of level. The player can continue working on the Blue Mage quests if they meet the requirements.

To increase their level, the player should kill any mobs within their level while getting spells. If they feel their gear is not doing enough damage or are dying too quickly, they can upgrade it. You can either buy new gear from a vendor, or you can make it yourself.

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The path to level 50

The character should learn ten spells quickly. This will enable the player to learn White Wind (a non-player character) from Blue Mage. This skill is the only one that players have long-term access to.

While they wait for Fate spawn, players can begin in Lower La Noscea. This is where a player can get the Sticky Tongue skill the earliest. However, if this takes too long, players can continue to the next objective.

Cave Bats are also an excellent choice to fight for players to earn the Blood Drain skill. It is an essential skill that isn’t required, but it should be available, and the character should have the appropriate level.

Players can work through the spell list until they reach level seven- or eight. Once the spell list is complete, players can move to Central Shroud and learn the Ice Spikes skill. This will speed up fights.

The character can learn the Acorn Bomb skill in North Shourd once they have reached level 9 or 10. Bristle is the next spell and can be learned by an East Shroud level 20 boar.

To understand the Toad Oil, the player can move to Western Thanalan. This skill is vital to increase the character’s survival.

1 000 Needles is the most crucial solo leveling spell. This skill is usually acquired at level 20, but some players may acquire it earlier. This skill can be obtained from Little Ala Mhigo, Southern Thanalan.

It’s also a great time to learn the Basic Instinct skill of Master Couerl in Upper La Noscea. It is helpful for farming in dungeons, even though it does not help you level up in the open world.

Once the character has reached level 30, they can go on to Mor Dhona. Once they have reached level 30, the player can move on to Sapsa Spawning Grounds, where they will reach level 50.

1 000 Needles will no longer be of any use once the character has reached level 50. If the player still lacks lower-level skills, they should acquire them earlier.

The Flying Sardine is a valuable tool for obtaining spells from lower-level opponents if they wish to keep leveling up their character. Basic Instinct is another helpful spell that you should have.

The path to level 60

At level 50, the first thing a player should do is to acquire Augmented Ironworks gear. It would also make a great point to obtain Eruption From Ifrit Normal. The next step is to obtain the most important spells for power-leveling: Choco Meteor and Ram’s Voice. Missile is another optional spell.

Now players can power level up or farm relic weapon material, such as Anima or Crystals. It is highly recommended that players do FATEs up to levels 60 and 70 if they want to farm relic material.

The player must work their way through each zone, killing enemies and performing FATEs. You can also try to obtain essential spells such as Whistle Sonic Boom, ElectroGeneis, and Whistle for later. The player can farm level 60 enemies once they reach level 59 when they have reached level 59. The character might have difficulty with level 50 gear.

The road to level 70

This is the same as the level 50-60 step but with an additional red flag. Poetics recommends augmented Shire gear. You can learn spells, get Primal spells and do FATEs. In the OpenWorld, players can learn new spells like Tringle and Triple Trident as well as Ultravibration.

Peaks, Yanxia, and then Lochs are the recommended zones at this point. After a character has reached level 68 or69, they can go to Stilltide in Kholusia to fight level 70 mobs. After that, players can learn spells they don’t know and complete the Blue Mage quests or Carnivale.

How Long Will Leveling 1-70 Take?

Most likely, you’re looking for the fastest way to level up to 70 in your Blue Mage. This will take approximately 2 hours. Although it is short, you will reach level 60 in about half the time. You will go from level 60 to level 70 in the remaining hour.

You can help up to 70 Blue Mages if you find a partner at level 80 or are already one. To do this, you must have your partners at least level 80 and be within a few levels of each other.

Partnering up

Teaming up with other players is one of the best ways to speed up Blue Mage FFXIV Leveling. You could also be friends, and they may need to level-cap their Blue Mage. Try to bring a level-capped Healer class with you for the best experience.

Another thing to remember is that your Blue Mage will not be able to stay with you at a party. This will result in your Blue Mage losing any experience.

If you don’t have anyone to partner with you, you can ignore this method in the FFXIV FFXIV Leveling Guide.

Blue Mage FFXIV Leveling Locations

Once you’ve found your partner and are ready to level up, you can start your journey towards Heavensward. This zone contains many open-world mobs at level 59. We recommend the northern area of Azys Lala and the Hinterlands close to Matoya’s Cave as two places we recommend.

There is an alternative if you don’t have access to these areas. You and your partner will need to have access to a mount capable of carrying you, your Blue Mage class FFXIV, as well as yourself, into the northern region of the Sea of Clouds. This location and the method will help you reach level 50. After that, unlock the Heavensward locations to level Blue Mage FFXIV.

How to kill mobs while leveling?

We need to remind you that you are not allowing your Blue Mage to party with your partner while you level up or help your Blue Mage FFXIV Class level. This will prevent you from missing out on all the exp you could get.

Your partner should be able to protect your Blue Mage from being killed by one hit. After you’ve secured that part, you can start to tag the mobs you want to kill, and then your partner can take them out.

Blue Mage spells that FFXIV offer, like Flying Sardine, can be used to kill single targets. However, it would help if you tagged your partner before you let them kill them.

We can understand that it may seem like too much effort. After all, why was the Blue Mage class FFXIV so challenging to level? Understandably, you want to be stronger.

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Which Spells are the Best?

Your options are limited because spells can only be obtained by watching monsters attack. Please visit the FFXIV wiki to see a complete list of all your options! This will allow you to see all options as well as their locations.

Blue Mages can be assigned to any one of three roles: tank, magic DPS, or healing.


Exuviation: Big ol’ healing spell! Grabbed from Abalathian Wamura. This one might require you to grab two enemies.

Pom Cure: Treats your entire party for 500. It’s insane! However, you must get to the point that you can perform Thornmarch on Hard or Extreme.

Stotram: You can heal everyone around you for 300. This can be obtained from the Emanation trial.

Angel’s Snack: A fantastic Area of Effect healing that can even leave a heal over time! This one is available once you reach level 70.


Mighty Guard: This is your Tank Stance. This is the Blue Mage spell list. You can learn them all by simply getting the Totem from Wayward Gaheel Ja.

Frog Legs: This is a skill learned from the Poroggos of the Dravinian Hinterlands (x12 and y34). This will provoke all your enemies; it is similar to Provoke for regular Tanks.

Cactguard: Reduce damage by 15% for the entire party! This is a legitimately powerful ability, but it’s only available to you if you consult the Sabotender Guardia at the Sunken Temple of Qarn. It’s a bit painful.

Chelonian Gate: grants you incredible damage reduction… and then you get a potency 1000 attack! This is a lot of damage! This is the last boss of Hell’s Lid.

Dragon Force: Get a free spell when 100 spells are learned. This reduces damage by 40%. Although it is not as effective as Chelonian Gate’s, it has its uses.


DPS is the most common blue mage spell! You can learn whatever you like, but remember that the best places to learn spells are in dungeons and trials.

These are some cool spells you might consider. These spells are not the only ones you should consider. You can also learn a 2.5 second damaging spell that does 220 damage and a Garuda, Titan, or Ifrit spell that deals 400 damage and has a 30-second cooldown.

Cold Fog is a powerful counterspell. It can only be obtained from The Burn’s last boss.

Aetherial spark: This spell does many Area of Effect damage and can be used over time. This spell does 250 damage to all creatures within a line. It is uncommon for a Blue Mage AoE magic. Most often obtained from Salt Dhruvas, The Lochs.

Song of Torment is a damage over time spell that has a tick of 25 every 30 seconds. Maximum damage is 350 Obtained from Pharos Sirius’ final boss.

Matra Magic: Deals 800 Damage! It is possible to learn 100 spells.

Peripheral Synthesis: Deals 400 power to targets! It can be purchased from Alphascape V3.0. If you wish, you can also purchase Mustard Bomb. This is a 400-potency attack that works well when combined with Lightheaded.

Both Ends: 600 damage with a 120s cooldown. This can be used if you are not in a DPS stance. Otherwise, use Matra Magic. It can be obtained from The Swallow’s Compass’s final boss.

Phantom Flurry: AoE with a super-strong cone right in front of your face. It’s available from Hells’ Kier and the Suzaku boss.

Night Bloom: This is another great AoE spell that deals damage over time. You’ll need to make sure your enemies survive for at least 15-30 seconds after casting Phantom Flurry if you want it to be more powerful than Phantom Flurry. It’s available from Tsukuyomi, Castrum Fluminis. [1]


Although it may seem like a long way to get to the highest level, some players can reach level 70 within a matter of hours. You can also join higher-level characters to quickly farm raids, FATEs, and dungeons to level up the Blue Mage.

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