Ginny and Georgia season 2 potential release date, cast and more (2023)

Ginny and Georgia season one spoilers follow.

Ginny and Georgia has found itself quite the devoted fanbase, and now we are all waiting for season two to finally drop.

We've had a long old wait for it too – with the first season dropping in February 2021 and season two still on its way come October 2022... will it hit the two-year mark before it finally comes back?

And what's it going to cover? Season one alone tracked a murder, love triangles and embezzlement as well as discussions on race, self-harm, sexual consent, female pleasure, body image and everything in between.

Seriously, what else are they about to set up? Something tells us this is only the beginning.

So what've we got in store? Here's everything you need to know about Ginny and Georgia season two.

Ginny and Georgia season 2 potential release date: When is it back?

Ginny and Georgia season 2 potential release date, cast and more (1)


It's happened! The news we've been waiting for! Sort of. The updates on Ginny and Georgia have been sparse so far. Beyond the 'It's coming,' stamp on Netflix, we fans have been left sitting at the table waiting patiently for crumbs.

Well, stack your plate (or fill a spoon – it really is only a teensy bit of IMPORTANT info). Executive producer and writer Debra J Fisher has delivered some exciting news about season two.

The showrunner posted on TikTok to share the news that filming has officially wrapped.

"The number one question I get asked as the showrunner of Ginny and Georgia is, 'Where's season two?'," she said (ahem, we're not complaining but *whispers* where is it?)

Fisher continued: "Here's what I know and what I can tell you: we just wrapped. So what does that mean? It will take Netflix 14 weeks to dub Ginny and Georgia into all the non-English speaking languages," explained Fisher via the social media platform.

"Without getting an official word from Netflix, that takes us to the end of the year."

Hmmm, could Santa be filling our Christmas stockings with a brand-spanking-new season of Ginny and Georgia? We have been very good – well, better than Georgia at any rate.

It seems so as Fisher also took to the comment section to reply to eager fans:

"Mid to late December at the earliest."

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Speaking to E! News on October 8, Brianne Howey, aka Georgia, also confirmed that new episodes are on the way. According to her, season two is definitely coming sooner rather than later.

"Soon, it’s coming!," she promised. "I swear, it’s coming!"

Howey cited the same explanation as Fisher for the delay, explaining that 180 translations will be needed for the worldwide release:

"That takes about four months. So it’s actually not the show itself. The show is done."

Netflix confirmed the show will return for round two back in April 2021 after attracting "more than 52 million members' households in its first 28 days", according to Variety.

"We are so appreciative of the incredible response and love you all have shown Ginny & Georgia," said showrunner and executive producer Debra J Fisher. "We're especially grateful to Brianne (Howey) and Toni (Gentry), who set the highest bar every step of the way. We can't wait to return to Wellsbury for season two."

Fisher is joined by her fellow all-female creative team including creator and executive producer Sarah Lampert and director and executive producer Anya Adams.

Even though season one dropped in February 2021, the show has gained somewhat of a resurgence over recent months. At the end of April 2022, according to FlixPatrol, it was back in the Top 10 most watched shows in 17 countries including the UK, Australia, Croatia, Norway and Lebanon.

While the sudden spike in interest cannot be pinpointed to any one thing, it's believed TikTok has inspired viewers to give it a try, with a sudden surge in videos about the show being shared on the app.

Season two, which will be made up of 10 hour-long episodes, began filming in February 2022, with lead star Antonia Gentry confirming she had wrapped on the series on April 22, 2022.

On August 11, the official behind-the-scenes Instagram of the show shared an image from the post-production phase alongside the caption: "So close to being done I can taste it."

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With this in mind, we should be hearing some news pretty soonish about when it's back on our screens.

Briana let fans in a little on the process, and told Los Angeles Magazine: "We're editing, we're doing some ADR. I've gotten to some stuff and it's so exciting. They have completely topped season one in my opinion. I just think we up the ante a little bit. All the levels get turned up just a little bit."

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Ginny and Georgia season 2 cast: Who's in it?

Well, you can't have Ginny And Georgia without Ginny and Georgia. Brianne Howey and Antonia Gentry have both already confirmed that they're back for the latest episodes.

The on-screen family is completed by Diesel La Torraca, who plays Ginny's little brother Austin, with his appearance in the upcoming series confirmed too.

IMDb has seemingly confirmed a large number of the cast coming back for season two, with a massive chunk of the actors being listed as part of "20 episodes" (so all of season one and two).

This includes those helping them get through life as best as possible... even if it means causing complications for the mother/daughter duo in the process.

For Ginny, this comes in the shape of her friendship group Max (Sara Waisglass), Abby (Katie Douglas) and Norah (Chelsea Clark).

For Georgia, you can expect to see the return of Max and Marcus's mum Ellen (Jennifer Robertson) and her will they/won't they romantic interest, Raymond Ablack's Joe.

The showrunners previously noted him a key character, with Sarah Lampert telling Hollywood Life: "Joe's really the only character that walks the line between both of them. I mean, Zion does, too, but he's so monumental to both of them. Whereas Joe is something to Georgia, and he's something equal but different to Ginny. I think that that's really special."

"Just to add to what we were talking about with Georgia and Paul and Zion, let's not forget that flashback that we saw when Georgia meets Joe," Fisher continued. "He tells her about Wellsbury. That's the first time she gets the idea of what a wonderful place this could be, so Joe plays an important part in that."

"I love that flashback because it's something that we kind of found organically in the writers' room as an aha moment where it was like, of course, Wellsbury was her endgame," Lampert added.

"Even when she was 16 because this is not someone who doesn't always have an endgame. And to just find out she’s pregnant, and see all these happy kids on a field trip talking about prom and having expensive sunglasses, that was always where her idea of success was."

Other cast members include.
• Marcus (Felix Mallard)
• Hunter (Mason Temple)
• Mayor Paul (Scott Porter)
• Teen Georgia (Nikki Roumel)
• Georgia's arch-nemesis Cynthia (Sabrina Grdevich) and her son Zach (Connor Laidman)
• Georgia's colleague Nick (Dan Beirne)
• Private investigator Gabriel Cordova (Alex Mallari Jr).

As for new additions to the cast, we have X-Men and Locke and Key star Aaron Ashmore, who will be coming into the fold as Georgia's ex and Austin's absentee father, Gil Timmins.

(Video) Ginny And Georgia Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot And Everything You Need To Know

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But it remains to be seen if we've seen the last of Ginny's dad Zion (Nathan Mitchell) and his teen self.

Ginny and Georgia season 2 plot: What will happen?

Seriously though, where to begin?

Season one covered A LOT of ground, but for every complication that was solved, another one swiftly appeared, leaving virtually all of the major players on a precarious footing as the final credits rolled.

The show wrapped with Ginny and Austin fleeing Wellsbury on a motorbike.

Georgia's daughter had reached breaking point after the private investigator hired by Kenny's ex-wife ambushed her at the Blue Farm Café and told her that her mum was a killer. He alerted Ginny to Georgia's wolfsbane in the process, which she and her brother destroyed.

Austin still hadn't forgiven Georgia for not sending the letters he had written to his dad, and, as a result, his relationship with his mum was at an all-time low.

And it looks like that motorbike road trip will be the initial focus of season two. Especially as Ginny grabs a key item before she leaves at the end of the season.

"I don't know if you notice, but when she's packing her bag, she grabs the book that Zion gives her," Gentry said (via Express)."If you were paying attention, when Zion arrives and is giving her the book, you know that he included an address."

That address could very well lead to her father, who has been cast… hello Gil Timmins!

Meanwhile, Georgia had no idea her kids had bolted – because she was busy celebrating the re-election of her fiancé Mayor Paul.

She chose a life with him in Wellsbury over the apartment in Boston with her ex Zion. And with Kenny's body out of the picture and her money problems ironed out (for now), she believed the pieces of her new life were finally falling into place.

We'd expect season two to pick up where it left off, right in the heart of the action, with Ginny and Austin on the road. But will they decide to come home of their own volition, or will Georgia head out to find them, wherever they are?

The radius of the show doesn't extend beyond Wellsbury, so it's a given that they'll be back.

Before Ginny and Georgia was officially renewed, creator and executive producer Sarah Lampert told Oprah Daily back in 2021 that we’re only just starting to get to know the citizens of Wellsbury.

"Season 1 really did feel like a season 1. We just started uncovering some of the layers for all characters, across the board, that we want to dive into. Deb and I are hoping we get the chance." she said.

"I don't know what will be in store if we do get renewed or not," Gentry told Elle in another interview. "But I would say, I want to see Ginny get down and dirty. I want to see her turn into Georgia a little bit. I want to see her really dig in and show that mean streak I know she has. That would be really fun to explore. But, I’m just taking things a day at a time right now."

Ginny and Georgia season 2 potential release date, cast and more (5)


There's also the small matter of Max, who was furious with Ginny for both sleeping with her twin Marcus, and lying about it.

Tensions had been bubbling within the gang for a while, but that was the straw that broke the camel's back and the group is now split, with Abby also ostracised for not telling Max about Ginny and Marcus.

Hunter, too, wanted zilch to do with Ginny after he discovered that she'd done the dirty on him. And despite telling Marcus that she had forgiven him for his gargantuan blunder ("We're not together. It was a mistake"), their relationship is also on the brink.

Ginny and Georgia season 2 potential release date, cast and more (6)


It should also be noted that the PI is still sniffing around, and he now knows that Georgia was married to another man before Kenny, who conveniently went missing and has not been seen since.

And while Georgia is now wearing Paul's engagement ring, we wouldn't bet our last buck on them going the distance, especially with Joe on the scene.

There were hints that something could develop between them in the first chapter, but while that didn't happen, it feels like their story has more juice in it yet.

Ginny and Georgia season 2 potential release date, cast and more (7)


In fact, in true Ginny and Georgia fashion, it has been confirmed there will definitely be some spicy drama to keep us entertained.

Ginny actress Gentry took the opportunity to tease fans at the 2021 MTV Awards about what was to be expected.

"It's a roller coaster ride. Even I don't know the full details, but I am on the edge of my seat. I know it's going to be a full package of just excitement and plot, and craziness," she said.

The titillating plot twists have made fans out of celebrities as Gentry also revealed:

"It's been pretty overwhelming to just know that some of the people that you admire have seen the show and like the show. I know Hailey Bieber has seen our show, and that just makes me sweat. It makes me sweat a little bit.

"But it's very exciting and the support has been really fantastic."

Ginny and Georgia season 2 potential release date, cast and more (8)

(Video) Ginny & Georgia Season 2 Release Date, Trailer, Cast (2022)


In an interview with Collider in February 2021, Gentry and Howey were asked whether a mother-daughter reunion was on the cards and, if you're a hardcore fan of their dysfunctional bond, don't despair. There's likely to be more chaos.

"Of course they can," said Howey. "I need them to, yes."

Gentry added: "I mean, knowing the two of them... I think, if anything, that would be the most interesting element of their relationship, that they both know, that they know, that they know."

In November 2021, Gentry teased a little more to Seventeen, and said: "For season two, the stakes are much higher now — obviously — than we left off with season one. So, I think fans will be in for a lot of wonderful tension, a lot of building up to climax, and a couple of interesting characters will be revealed."

We can't wait.

Ginny and Georgia season 2 trailer: When can I see it?

Ginny and Georgia season 2 potential release date, cast and more (9)


Unfortunately, we have no sign of any new footage at the moment, but seeing filming has now officially wrapped, we're holding out hope for something soon.

One eager fan (not us) could not wait for the announcement and asked the creator Fisher:

"Do you know when we get to see the trailer for season two (also love the show)."

As predicted Fisher remained very elusive, responding: "I'll let you know when."

Trailers usually arrive in the month leading up to the premiere.

In the meantime, keep checking in here and we'll give you updates as and when we get them.


Ginny and Georgia is available to watch now on Netflix.

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